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Remove CEO and the entire board of Hydro One as his first act as Premier

Jul 2018

Hydro One board and CEO out

CP24 July 11, 2018

Hydro One’s CEO and board are out after a mass resignation from the utility.

The utility said in a statement that CEO Mayo Schmidt’s retirement from his post is effective as of today and that the utility has entered into an agreement with the province for “the orderly replacement of the board of directors of Hydro One.”

Regardless of the fact that Ford has done other things before removing the Hydro One CEO and board, it would appear that his government has been working on negotiating this deal. It's entirely possible that this has been in the works for some time. Going on the assumption that the plan has been in negotiations behind closed doors, then this is enough to consider Ford fulfilling the spirit of his promise.

Jul 2018

'Six-Million-Dollar' CEO leaving Hydro One

The Toronto Sun July 11, 2018

At the end of the business day Wednesday, Hydro One announced Schmidt would be retiring effective immediately, and that board members would leave on a staggered basis over the next month to allow for an orderly replacement process.

I'm including this second article because it specifies that board members will be leaving over a short period of time, rather than immediately. This seems reasonable and shouldn't be held against achieving the promise.

Jul 2018

For now, Ford government will not be firing Hydro One boss

The Toronto Star July 10, 2018

[Todd] Smith, the party’s energy critic in opposition, acknowledged the new PC government has not been able to make good on the promise while it dealt with other matters...

“While it might not be the first on the list of things that we’ve accomplished we did get down to work right away and we’ve accomplished a number of things,” he added. “Dealing with the Hydro One situation is very much a priority going forward and stay tuned for details.”

Jul 2018

Ford has not removed the Hydro One board or CEO as one of his first acts.

July 07, 2018

While it's only been a week since Ford has been sworn in, he has taken action on a number areas: OPS hiring/wage/expenditure freezes, cancelled Cap and Trade, cancelling GreenON (and associated green) programs, fired various high level personnel (Business Advisor, Chief Scientist, Chief Investment Officer), created and hired new Health Care Advisor position, cancelled an immigration settlement agreement with Ottawa and Toronto, changing OHIP+ model for private insurance, delayed vaping rule updates (Bill 174), stopped reforms in the Safer Ontario Act, halted new rules on reporting immunizations, and halted new laws on ticket resales/scalping. A big part of the removal of the Hydro One CEO was that it was going to be "his first act"; it's even listed as such in the official platform. He's been pretty busy, even as Premier-Designate, he was taking action and making changes. Even so, as far as I can tell, not even a word has come from his caucus or office on this file. As such, this promise is considered broken.