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Order a line-by-line value-for-money audit of government spending, and make the final results public

Sep 2018

Ontario's Government for the People Restoring Trust and Accountability with Release of the Line-by-Line Review

Ontario Newsroom September 25, 2018

After reading the review, it's clear that this is not an "audit" or even a "review" (by CPA definitions) and even acknowledged as such at the beginning of the report. It was performed by consultants, not auditors. There is no "value-for-money" evaluation. There is no "line-by-line" evaluation; it focused on high level spending and leveraged computer programs to analyze "lines of financial account data" to compare against other jurisdictions and total aggregate spending. From press releases such as this one: http://archive.is/WShVn The requested report doesn't "probe the entirety of Kathleen Wynne's fiscal mess" or "follow the money" or "find out who is getting rich off your tax dollars." From video announcements such as these: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-election-2018/ford-says-he-would-order-an-outside-audit-of-government-books-if-elected-1.3889099 and https://globalnews.ca/video/4151819/why-does-doug-ford-want-a-liberal-audit There is nothing about "backroom deals" or "Liberal insiders making millions". There's no breakdown of "every single ministry" here. Nothing about "sole-sourced contracts" or "deals to their buddies" or contracts that "haven't even been bid." From http://archive.is/2YwEK, even the President of the Treasury Board, Peter Bethlenfalvy, acknowledged that it's "not a forensic audit, not a line by line review" and suggested that people call it a "review" and not an "audit." Ultimately, this "review", and even the RFP for it, doesn't stand up or compare at all against the promise and rhetoric that Doug Ford and the PC Party used during the campaign. As such, this promise is considered "Broken"

Aug 2018

EY Canada wins contract to audit Ontario government spending

CTV News August 14, 2018

Aug 2018

Five weeks not long enough for proper audit of Ontario spending, potential bidders warn

Ottawa Citizen August 01, 2018

The bidding documents make it clear that the gig is much less ambitious than the party made it sound: Instead of sending accountants and operations experts out to every office, going over every nickel, counting every pen, the provincial treasury board is searching for areas of government spending that have grown faster than economics and demographics suggest they should have, to figure out where ministers might want to look more closely. It’s a scan from 30,000 feet, not three inches.

Serious companies have at least looked at the bid materials, according to records on the province’s tendering system, management-consulting powerhouses such as KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and McKinsey among them. But they’ve also formally fretted about how realistic the whole thing is. So that all bidders are on equal footing, they can put questions to the government that get answered publicly, without the questioners’ names attached. You could summarize most of them as, “What if this is impossible?”

That’s what this “line by line audit” is shaping up to be for the province: Done fast, on the cheap, using whatever data is lying around. With results and recommendations of a quality to match.

Jul 2018

Former BC premier to lead inquiry into past government spending in Ontario

CP24 July 17, 2018

Ford also announced that the province is taking bids from outside experts to conduct a line-by-line audit of government books.