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Bring "Buck-a-Beer" back to Ontario

Feb 2019

'No Name' beer launches in Ont. with 'buck a beer' promotion

CTV News February 12, 2019

Although the beer will regularly retail for $10.45 for a 6-pack, a case will only cost $6.60 (including deposit) from Friday to Sunday, to celebrate the first long weekend of the year in Ontario.

Even the "No Name" brand which is traditionally considered the cheapest, no extras, minimal marketing brand can't regularly sell their product at $1. A regular price of $1.64 per bottle (not including deposit) for the "No Name" brand just goes to show how infeasible a $1 per bottle price is.

Jan 2019

Premier Ford’s buck-a-beer push going flat as Cool brewing scales back dollar suds to long weekends

The Toronto Star January 29, 2019

Ontario’s sole remaining buck-a-beer brewery is scaling back its dollar suds to long weekends only. Cool Beer Brewing Co. of Etobicoke has informed Premier Doug Ford’s government it will raise the price of its lager to $1.25 per bottle effective Feb. 11, corporate development officer Kevin Meens told the Star on Tuesday.

“We want to be the most affordable beer in Ontario. We can do that at $1.25 and then we can continue to help the government with its promise of affordable beer in Ontario,” Meens said in an interview. “We’re going to do buck-a-beer for every long holiday weekend in 2019…I don’t see how people could complain about that.”

Dec 2018

Bye-bye buck a beer? Just 1 company left selling $1 bottles

CBC News December 17, 2018

The brewery where Premier Doug Ford launched his buck-a-beer challenge just hiked its price. A buck a beer toasted by Premier Doug Ford this summer is now selling for $1.65 per can. Barley Days Brewery, in Picton, Ont., launched its Loon Lager brand after Ford's government lowered the minimum price of bottles and cans of beer to $1 in August and launched its "buck-a-beer challenge," which offered participating companies perks like prime spots in LCBO stores.

The price hike means only one brewery — Etobicoke's Cool Beer Brewing Company — is selling $1 beer, according to the LCBO website.

Oct 2018


October 12, 2018

It's been a month and a half since the introduction of "Buck-a-Beer" and since then, no new developments have taken place. PC ended its $1 promotion after only 1 week. Barley Days Loon Lager was available only in limited supplies which more-or-less ended mid September. Since then, it hasn't been in stock or available. Only Cool Beer has kept their 4-pack price at $4 (but they never discounted their 24 pack), further limiting supplies. In addition, Cool Beer is only available in a limited number of The Beer Store locations focused in urban areas in Southern Ontario (http://www.thebeerstore.ca/locations?pack=7551-7551150)

Ford and the PC Party campaigned about bringing back "buck-a-beer" from the early 2000s, and they allude to the Liberal government as the reason it's gone for introducing the minimum price as a way of "lining the pockets of foreign multinational brewers and protecting the monopoly of the Beer Store". The references to the early 2000s "buck-a-beer" days had brewers making beer at a regular price of or near $1; not just promotional prices. There was no talk from his campaign about buck-a-beer being limited to promotional deals, and they also claimed it would increase competition and encourage brewers to lower their price, but this doesn't seem to have had any noticeable or noteworthy effect. This policy Doug Ford was pitching to Ontarians misrepresented the known reality and they did very little, if anything, to correct that and continued to reinforce that misrepresentation. They ran ads that literally stated "VOTE CHEAPER BEER" (https://i.imgur.com/fAqNnuS.jpg) but the policies they were promoting had no real effect on current beer pricing. They also campaigned that it would not cost anything, but in order to get any brewers on board, they had to entice them by providing free advertising and premium shelf space in LCBOs which results in fewer advertising dollars and sales of profitable products.

Doug Ford, the PC Party, and their supporters, campaigned significantly about bringing "buck-a-beer" back. They harken back to the days where some cheaper quality beer was sold at a regular price of $1, and that they will bring this back by introducing this policy. And when pointed out that this policy will likely be ineffective in producing this outcome, they ignored it, handwaved the criticism away, and continued heavily campaigning on the same idea. Cheaper beer was not delivered in any meaningful, significant way. As such, this promise is considered broken.

Aug 2018

Loblaws is ending buck-a-beer only one week after it launches

blogTO August 29, 2018

This Labour Day weekend, three different brands of beer will available to the people of Ontario for just $1 a can (plus tax, deposit, and various social, health, education and environmental programs). Come Monday, however, that number will drop down to two when President's Choice exits the game — only a week after entering it in the first place.

Aug 2018

Buck-a-beer is back in Ontario, but only 3 companies are brewing it

CBC News August 27, 2018

A loonie can now buy you a can of beer in Ontario — that is, if you can find some. Just three brewers have signed up for Premier Doug Ford's buck-a-beer challenge ahead of the Labour Day weekend, and a limited number of LCBO and Beer Store locations are stocking the product.

Here are the breweries that are participating so far, and where you can find the beer: • Barley Days brewery's Loon Lager is available in limited quantities at 11 LCBO locations: nine in Toronto and one each in Bowmanville and Sudbury, the LCBO said in a news release. According to the LCBO's website, the brewer has supplied about 3,400 cans of Loon Lager so far. • Cool Beer Brewing Company, based in Etobicoke, is offering four-packs of its Cool Lager under the auspice of the buck-a-beer deal. It is available at LCBO locations throughout southern Ontario. • Loblaw is offering its President's Choice brews available at $1 per bottle in Beer Stores

This is a pretty poor showing for "buck-a-beer", and not terribly close to the image portrayed by Doug Ford and the PC party. We'll sit on this for a bit and see if more brands take advantage of this and how long this promotion lasts before ruling on this promise.

Aug 2018

A List of Beer Companies Refusing Ford’s Buck-A-Beer Scam

North99.org August 07, 2018

Aug 2018

Buck a beer is back, but Doug Ford's plan for cheaper suds is falling flat with some brewers

CBC News August 07, 2018

Aug 2018

Happy International Beer Day! As promised, buck-a-beer is coming soon to Ontario

@DougFord twitter August 03, 2018

Doug Ford: "My friends, we're going to do our part because a buck-a-beer is coming to a shelf near you."

Just another reference to recent promotional material pushing the idea that beer will have a $1 shelf price.