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Cancel energy contracts that are in the pre-construction phase and re-negotiate other energy contracts

Jul 2019

Ontario to compensate White Pines wind turbine developers for cancelled contract

Global News July 08, 2019

While the government has cancelled many projects that were in the pre-construction phase, they have also cancelled project(s) that were mid-construction and grandfathered in the existing Green Energy contracts rather than re-negotiating them. I've seen no evidence of any significant re-negotiation of existing energy contracts.

Jun 2019

New regulation under the Planning Act to prescribe transitional provisions for the Green Energy Repeal Act, 2018

Environmental Registry of Ontario June 10, 2019

This regulation grandfathers in existing Green Energy Act contracts rather than re-negotiating them.

Jul 2018

Bill 2, Urgent Priorities Act, 2018

Legislative Assembly of Ontario July 25, 2018

Current status: Royal Assent received Chapter Number: S.O. 2018 C.10

The Schedule sets out the White Pines Wind Project Termination Act, 2018, which provides for the termination, retroactive to July 10, 2018, of the White Pines Wind Project. Associated contracts and agreements between the IESO and wpd White Pines Wind Incorporated and other related parties, as well as associated permits and permissions issued to wpd White Pines Wind Incorporated are terminated and revoked.

Jul 2018

John Ivison: Wind turbine decision says Doug Ford's Ontario is closed for business

The National Post July 23, 2018

White Pines is a project to build nine wind turbines on the shore of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County. Four of the turbines have already been built, as part of a development the German company, wpd Europe, has been planning for a decade.

Ford is said to be particularly upset that the IESO granted wpd Canada notice to proceed two days into the election campaign

This is an opinion article, but it contains information regarding the construction state of the White Pines project. In particular, the promise given was to cancel projects that are in the "pre-construction" phase. White Pines was already under construction when it was cancelled.

Jul 2018

Ontario to Cancel Energy Contracts to Bring Hydro Bills Down

Ontario News Release July 13, 2018

Jul 2018

Cancelled wind farm to cost Ontario ratepayers $100 million plus: Company

iPolitics July 10, 2018

Note that this is an example of cancelling an energy project that was half way through construction, not one that was in the "pre-construction" phase.