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Jul 2018

Ontario’s new elevator-access law seems to have broken down

The Globe and Mail July 30, 2018

A new law called Access to Consumer Credit Reports and Elevator Availability Act, 2018 – which mandates regulators to create penalties and deadlines for elevator downtime, among other improvements in our elevator infrastructure – may have received “royal assent” in the dying days of ex-premier Kathleen Wynne’s government, but it hasn’t come into force, and there’s no signal from Premier Doug Ford’s new Progressive Conservative government to suggest when or if it will ever happen.

Across the province, elevators aren’t available about 3 to 4 per cent of the time, but many buildings in the GTA report much longer periods of downtime, and while it negatively affects everyone, it can be critical for first-responders attempting to access a building and for users with mobility challenges. In 2016, maintenance issues led to 9,649 reported entrapments, meaning about 26 times a day, people become trapped in elevators.

It’s not clear if elevator accessibility is a low priority for the new government, but unless this law is proclaimed and the new regulations are written, the public could miss the elevator and get the shaft.