Education Sex-Ed Curriculum

Install a new sex-ed curriculum that is "age appropriate" and based on "real consultation with parents" and not based on "Liberal ideology"

Aug 2019

Ford government’s sex-ed changes blasted from all sides

Toronto Star August 21, 2019

New guidelines keep most of the material that caused controversy when the new curriculum was introduced four years ago, easing concerns raised by educators and others that health and physical education lessons would not be up-to-date with the social media era, and that social conservatives would forces changes putting LGBT youth at risk. But the slightly revamped curriculum is also being slammed by former allies, including a Progressive Conservative leadership candidate who threw her support to Ford, helping him win the race on the way to becoming premier 14 months ago. “Doug Ford promised to ‘repeal’ the Kathleen Wynne sex-ed curriculum, but this new curriculum is simply another version of the Wynne sex-ed,” social conservative Tanya Granic Allen, president of a lobby group called Parents as First Educators, said in a statement Wednesday. “Promise made, promise broken,” she added.

The Campaign Life Coalition described the new curriculum as a “betrayal” and the “same garbage” the administration of Kathleen Wynne — Ontario’s first openly gay premier — introduced in 2015. “Homosexuality’s snuck into Grade 3 with a wink and a nudge via the teacher prompt on accepting people ‘regardless of who they love’ without any regard for the religious beliefs of many parents,” said president Jeff Gunnarson, whose group charged the government “rigged” consultations to favour unions and “left-wing activists.”

Given the campaign rhetoric and the obvious nods and calls to the more conservative views on the 2010/2015 curriculum and the clear expectations that he would institute a new curriculum to support those conservative views, and Ford has reinstated, by and large, the same 2015 sexual health curriculum, this is considered a broken promise to those people that this commitment was targeted to.

Mar 2019

Education that Works for You - Modernizing Health and Physical Education

Ontario Newsroom March 15, 2019

Aug 2018

Ontario's Government for the People Respecting Parents by Holding Unprecedented Consultation into Education Reform

Ontario Newsroom August 22, 2018

Starting in September 2018, the Government will engage in province-wide public consultations that will include an online survey, telephone town halls in every region of Ontario, and a submission platform that will allow interested individuals and groups to present detailed proposals to the Ministry.

As part of the announcement, the Premier and Minister shared details about the scope of the consultation, which will include: * How to build a new age-appropriate Health and Physical Education curriculum that includes subjects like mental health, sex-ed, and legalization of cannabis;

May 2018

Reality check: Doug Ford’s problem with the sex-ed curriculum

Global News May 10, 2018

“For too long the Liberals have ignored Ontario parents,” Ford said Tuesday in Toronto. “They have introduced the sex curriculum based on ideology.”

Feb 2018

Doug Ford promises to review sex-ed curriculum as part of education platform

Global News February 12, 2018

“Unlike the Liberals, I know that parents – not government – are our first educators when it comes to our children… Sex- ed curriculum should be about facts, not teaching Liberal ideology.”