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Save 4% of the budget (~$6 billion) through "efficiencies"

Apr 2019


https://ford.polimeter.org/promise/11215 April 11, 2019

It's become quite clear that Ford's idea of "efficiencies" does mean "cuts", and not what was sold to voters. The slashing of budgets and programs is not striving to run these programs more "efficiently" (as in, achieve the same or similar outcomes at lower cost). He may yet end up slashing 4% of the budget, but it won't be due to finding efficiencies.

Apr 2019

Reaction pours in following news of Ontario's plan to cut 3,475 teaching jobs

CTV News April 05, 2019

Example of a "cut"

Mar 2019

Government Saving the People of Ontario a Billion Dollars Annually; Protecting Health Care and Education by Saving Taxpayer Money through Efficiencies and Centralized Procurement

Ontario Newsroom March 18, 2019

The Ontario Government is streamlining back-office processes and services, reducing unnecessary duplication and removing waste across government. Through the centralization of the province's public sector procurement and by creating more efficient delivery processes, the Ontario Government is projecting savings of $1 billion annually.

Feb 2019

Affordability of Postsecondary Education in Ontario

Ontario Newsroom February 17, 2019

Example of a "cut".

Jan 2019

Ontario government plans to axe program that helps people with developmental disabilities build a life

Waterloo Region Record January 31, 2019

Example of a "cut"

Dec 2018

School boards ‘blindsided’ as Ford government slashes program funding

The Toronto Star December 15, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Nov 2018

Making sense of Ontario’s social assistance reforms

The Toronto Star November 30, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Nov 2018

Ontario government cancels plans for province’s first official Francophone university

The Globe and Mail November 15, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Oct 2018

Ford government halts expansion of 3 university satellite campuses in GTA

CBC News October 23, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Oct 2018

School councils left scrambling after Ontario Parent Outreach grants put on 'pause'

CBC News October 22, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Jul 2018

PC's plan to scrap Ontario basic income pilot project called 'shameful' by NDP leader

The Toronto Star July 31, 2018

Example of a "cut"

Jun 2018

Doug Ford kicks off premiership with a pay freeze on public service managers

The Globe and Mail June 30, 2018

Jun 2018

Ford Government Making OHIP+ More Cost-Effective

http://archive.is/o1m6n June 30, 2018

"Today, our government is announcing our intent to fix the OHIP+ program by focussing benefits on those who do not have existing prescription drug benefits.

"Children and youth who are not covered by private benefits would continue to receive their eligible prescriptions free. Those who are covered by private plans would bill those plans first, with the government covering all remaining eligible costs of prescriptions."

Mar 2018

Doug Ford’s pitch to Ontario voters will cut costs, size of government — but no layoffs

The Toronto Star March 14, 2018

Mar 2018

Ottawa Morning radio interview (segment starts at 1:28)

Ottawa Morning March 13, 2018

Including this as an example of Ford claiming the 4% budget savings will be found via "efficiencies" not "cuts"