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Implement budget "efficiencies" without laying off a single public service job or adversely affecting the services they provide

Apr 2019

Province slashes Ontario Library Service funding by 50%

CBC News April 17, 2019

Southern Ontario Library Service says it's facing a 50 per cent budget cut from the province, which would need to be absorbed into the current 2019-20 fiscal year. Barbara Franchetto, CEO of SOLS, announced on the SOLS website that some services will be eliminated. "I have since learned that Ontario Library Service-North is also facing a 50 per cent budget cut and will also have to eliminate valued services," Franchetto said.

Apr 2019

Legal Aid to stop taking on new immigration and refugee cases Tuesday after Ontario budget cut

The Globe and Mail April 15, 2019

The head of Legal Aid Ontario says a funding cut from the provincial government means the agency’s lawyers will stop accepting most new immigration and refugee clients beginning Tuesday. Legal Aid CEO David Field says in a memo to staff today that the province has told the agency it can only use federal funding to cover new immigration and refugee services this year.

In its budget last week, the Progressive Conservative government eliminated the legal aid funding for refugee and immigration law services – a move lawyers with the organization called a “horrific” decimation.

This is clearly a cut and direction that is affecting services. In general, there are now numerous examples of jobs lost, will be lost, and services being affected. Enough to consider this promise soundly broken.

Apr 2019

More teachers receive layoff notices from Guelph's public school board, Local high school teachers facing layoffs for first time since 2003

Guelph Mercury Tribune April 10, 2019

Facing the loss of provincial funding, Guelph’s public school board has had to issue layoff notices to some of its high school teachers for the first time in more than a decade. “We are in the unfortunate position of having to issue redundancy notices to 56 of our secondary teachers,” Upper Grand District School Board communications officer Heather Loney said Wednesday in an email to the Mercury Tribune. “We haven’t had to do this in many years,” she said, noting that the last time notices of redundancy were issued at the secondary school level was in 2003. A number of factors are involved, Loney said, listing declining enrolment, loss of provincial revenue and significant changes to high school class size funding.

Apr 2019

Approximately 1,000 Toronto high school teachers declared surplus amid uncertainty over staffing

Global News April 08, 2019

Apr 2019

54 Guelph elementary school teachers get layoff notices

CBC News April 01, 2019

Upper Grand District School Board has issued layoff notices to 54 elementary school teachers. Officials with the board said there has been an "overall decrease in positions" due to a loss of provincial revenue, provincial changes to autism funding and local priority funding that expires at the end of August as well as "other typical staffing considerations."

Mar 2019

‘We have a system in crisis,’ says Brant children’s aid society after cuts lead to 26 workers being laid off

The Toronto Star March 17, 2019

The Ontario government is placing vulnerable children in danger by forcing cuts resulting in 26 child protection workers being laid off at the Brant children’s aid society, the agency’s executive director says.

Mar 2019

A Statement in Response from OSSTF/FEESO President Harvey Bischof

Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation March 15, 2019

Most significantly, average class size ratios in secondary schools will rise from 22:1 to 28:1. Phased in over four years, this will result in a loss of 3,630 frontline OSSTF/FEESO teachers from Ontario’s public education system

The announced changes to the education system is increasing class sizes from grades 4 to 12. Fundamentally, this likely means layoffs for teachers.

Mar 2019

Some Ontario environmental watchdog employees, including Saxe, to be axed, despite Ford’s election promise they would not be

The Toronto Star March 14, 2019

Mar 2019

Management-level jobs will be lost as a result of health merger, Premier Ford says

The Globe and Mail March 13, 2019

Mar 2019

Doug Ford hedges on promise that 'no one' will lose their job

CBC News March 09, 2019

Premier Doug Ford and his PCs are backing away from his campaign promise that no one in the public sector will lose their job under his government. As the Ford government prepares to deliver its first budget on April 11, the PCs are signalling that their promise only applies to undefined "front-line" workers. "Under Premier Doug Ford and the Government for the People not a single front-line worker will lose their job," Ford's press secretary said Friday in a statement emailed to CBC News. "You're going to see our promises kept, and one of the promises that the premier made is that no front-line workers will be cut," Finance Minister Vic Fedeli told a news conference Thursday to announce the budget date.

Neither Fedeli nor Ford has defined what they mean by front-line workers. There is evidence that some front-line workers are being laid off anyway. • The Grand River Hospital in Kitchener is laying off 40 nurses. • The closure of the Thunder Bay office of the Child and Youth Advocate will result in an undetermined number of job losses. • Scrapping $25 million in specialized education program funding is forcing school boards across the province to lay off staff.

A hiring freeze slapped on the public service last year means that hundreds of jobs in provincial ministries are currently vacant, says a union leader. "If you are not filling positions, it's still a cut to the front line," said Smokey Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, in a phone interview Friday. The government is offering early retirement buyouts to staff and managers in provincial ministries.

Despite new language being used by the government that the promise was associated with "front-line workers", this is simply not true. They were very clear during the campaign and in the context of questions asked, that they were referring to the public sector at-large.

Feb 2019

Grand River Hospital cuts 25 full-time and 15 part-time nurses: ONA

CBC News February 27, 2019

Feb 2019

Job cuts to come as Ford government makes changes to the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth

The Toronto Star February 21, 2019

Note that this contrasts Vic Fedeli's earlier remarks when the closure of the Advocate office were announced in November's economic statement where he "repeated the government's promise that no jobs will be cut."

Dec 2018

Toronto school board says layoffs coming after province cuts $25M in funding

CBC News December 18, 2018

Dec 2018

Ford gov't to offer buyout packages to thousands of OPS employees: memo

CTV News December 12, 2018

A key note here is that while these are labelled as "voluntary" layoffs, the government asserts that these are required for "avoiding involuntary job losses". So essentially, if not enough people voluntarily lay themselves off, the government will start cutting back the workforce.

Nov 2018

Highlights from Ontario government's fall economic statement

CP24 November 15, 2018

Three of the province's independent oversight offices -- the environmental commissioner, the child and youth advocate and the French language services commissioner -- are being consolidated into either the existing auditor general's or provincial ombudsman's offices. The government did not say how much that is expected to save nor what would happen to those currently in those offices, but Finance Minister Vic Fedeli repeated the government's promise that no jobs will be cut.