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Release "fully costed platform" before the election day, June 7th

May 2018

Doug Ford release "Platform for the People" but it lacks costing details, areas of cutting, estimated deficits, or multi-year budget projections

http://archive.is/3G0iT May 30, 2018

Doug Ford denied breaking his promise to deliver a fully costed election platform Thursday even as political rivals and economists criticized the Progressive Conservative plan as vague and fiscally imprudent.

[Doug Ford] defended his party’s decision to quietly release a compilation of campaign promises without saying how they’d be paid for. “I’m not breaking my promise at all – we have a dollar figure right beside every single item,” he said. “We’re the only party that’s fiscally responsible. We’re the only party that is accurate.”

He also said a Tory government would run deficits for the first two or three years, but the plan doesn’t spell out the size of those deficits or a path to balance. Some economists said the plan leaves many questions unanswered, particularly when it comes to tackling the province’s deficit, which the governing Liberals have projected to be $6.7-billion in 2018-2019.

Given his earlier claim that they had costing over two months in advance, and hyped up their platform release as 'fully costed" (as a counter-argument to his opponents asking what deficits he would run and what programs he would cut), then purposefully choose not to release those details, this is not sufficient to be considered keeping his promise.

Mar 2018

Ford states on March 28th, "we have a solid platform that is fully costed"

http://archive.is/uoLb2 March 28, 2018

"We have 71 days left in this election. That's more than enough time to unveil our platform. And we have a solid platform that is fully costed. That's the difference. Ours will be fully costed, theirs isn't fully costed."

This indicates that they have had costing very early on.