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Fund and complete the environmental assessment of and consult on the route of the Toronto-London-Windsor high-speed rail project April 10, 2018
Apr 2019

Ford budget halts plans for high-speed rail corridor between Toronto, Windsor

Global News April 11, 2019

Now that the line is pretty much gone, the question is was consultation done and the environmental assessment completed? From the official page on this line: (, it seems that the environmental assessment wasn't expected to be completed until at least 2020. So it does not seem plausible that it was already completed prior to the 2019 budget, especially with stories surfacing months earlier about the project being derailed. All in all, it does appear that this project was doomed very early on and little effort or intent was made to follow through on this promise.

Nov 2018

Ford government may scrap high-speed rail corridor between Toronto, Windsor

Global News November 21, 2018

An ongoing environmental assessment for the project will continue, but the Progressive Conservatives say they’re expanding the scope of their studies to determine if other options, such as increased Via Rail service, more bus capacity or improved highway infrastructure, would work better.

Sep 2018

High-profile Liberal appointees removed by Ford government

The Toronto Star September 04, 2018

While the departure of Collenette, a former federal Liberal cabinet minister who headed the high-speed rail advisory body, was reported by TVO on July 6, the whole advisory panel has now been derailed.

Wynne had tasked Collenette with working on a planned high-speed rail line between Toronto and Windsor, with stops at Pearson airport, Waterloo Region, Guelph and London. The future of the 250 km/h train, similar to trains operating in China, France, Italy, Japan, Portugal and Spain, is now uncertain.

Aug 2018

Are the Tories going to take a second look at high-speed rail?

TVO August 31, 2018

Yakabuski’s office told this week that HSR planning is “in the early stages.”

“As the planning moves forward, decisions for a high speed rail service will be informed by the information collected through environmental studies and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including rural and farming communities,” Yakabuski’s press secretary Justine Lewkowicz wrote in an email. “Our final decision will be based on what is best for the people of Ontario.”

The Tories have already made some moves on the HSR file: earlier this summer, they removed former MP David Collenette as head of the planning advisory board charged with completing the environmental assessment for the project. For now, the Tories don’t need to take a side. If they decided to build such a comparison into the environmental assessment, they’d effectively restart the clock on the project: a definitive report wouldn’t be available until late 2019 or early 2020.

Apr 2018

Ford says PCs would fund all-day 2-way GO but Liberals question how

CBC News April 27, 2018

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford said his government will fund all-day, two-way GO trains and continue with the environmental assessment for high speed rail if elected in June.