Allow MPPs to "vote their conscience" (free vote) on policy matters

CBC News March 11, 2018
Jul 2020

Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios booted from PC caucus after voting against COVID-19 bill

CBC News July 21, 2020

Mar 2019

Randy Hillier speaks out, alleging ‘outrageous demands,’ ‘violation of the law’ against Ford government

Global News March 18, 2019

Another example of backroom pressure and control over MPPs

Nov 2018

PC caucus planned to vote on removing Amanda Simard from party

680 News November 29, 2018

Government sources tell @richard680news the PC caucus voted to remove MPP Amanda Simard from the party. The vote took place around 7:30 a.m. before the party was aware of her letter of resignation.

Another update from @richard680news, who reports that the PCs say no vote took place at all ... it was about to happen until they found out Simard submitted her resignation letter.

Just noting these events, because even if Ford technically allows MPPs the free vote, it's easily argued that it's not a true "free vote" if MPPs are intimidated or pressured into toeing the party line, and punished when they don't.

Nov 2018

Ford fears disgruntled Tory MPPs might defect to Liberals, source says

The Toronto Star November 23, 2018

Ford’s office closely monitors Tory members. Sources say they track who applauds in the legislature and watch for MPPs who do not quickly leap to their feet for ovations after the premier or ministers respond to opposition inquiries during question period. “They keep tabs on everything,” said a fourth Tory, conceding that such micromanaging is both heavy-handed and ham-fisted because MPPs are getting fed up. Two party aides noted that speaking out in caucus meetings is also discouraged because they don’t want anyone to undermine team unity.